The first night some puppies will cry. They are without  their brother and sisters and they will miss them. Everything is new to them so they are unsure of what is happening. 
Ideas that may help your baby to adjust to his new home.
If you are going to crate train a puppy, put a small  blanket in the  crate. Take a sock and fill it 3/4  full with uncooked rice and  sew it closed. Then place in microwave oven until it is warm not hot. The baby will cuddle up to the sock because the warmth. It is like that of his litter mates. I also use a soft plush toy for them to cuddle up to. They have these is their pen from a very early age. They love toys.  I use the beanie babies, balls, chew bones and sturdy stuffed squeak toys.   
Our puppies are 90% potty trained when they leave us.
They use a doggie door to go out into their yard to potty. To continue with this training you will need to make sure 
the puppy is confined in a small area around the doggie door. Put a blanket down in the area for a bed. If you let the puppy have the run of the house he/she will go find his/her own place to potty. If you do not have a doggie door you still need a confined area to keep the puppy in. Be sure and take him out to potty as soon as he/she wakes up and right after eating.
Before the puppies are doggy door trained they are litter boxed trained. We use the pellets that you burn in a pellet stove and put them in a potty box in the pen. This will work for a while until they can hold it longer. It also works if you are working and cannot take the puppy out for a while. 
Puppies do not like to go to potty in their home/ bed. They will train them selves if you give them a chance.
What to feed your new puppy. 
We feed  Purina Puppy Chow and plain yogurt only no treats. We free feed the dry, it is always down. Be sure they always have clean water. Feed about ¼ cup of yogurt a day they love it.  You can just put this in a separate small bowl or plate. If you want to change their food do so very slowly. A little of the new food mixed into the Purina. If you don't do it this way your baby will get a bad case of the runs. This is usually only when they are young and after 5/6 months you shouldn't have this problem.

Shots and shot record. 
Shots are given at 6 weeks and a shot record will be given with your puppy. This shows what shots have been given and date of the shots. 
You can take this record to your Vet.

Why I feed mostly raw meat, veggies and rice diet 
As the puppies get older we recommend a natural food diet if you can. This is real food, not the bagged or can dog food. We use raw meat, ground veggies and cooked rice. We also use boned chicken or turkey. You can also  pressure it and the meat falls off the bone and again the veggies and small amount of rice. There is a lot of information on the Internet on feeding a real food diet.  They will eat and need a lot less food because the commercial dog food has so much in the way of fillers in them and these have no food value  at all.  There is also a lot less poop to pick up ( no fillers ) 
So many people tell me horror stories about their dog dying way to young from cancer heart or  liver  problems.  I believe this is a direct result from what they are putting in most dog food today. Dogs systems was not made to eat grains ( wheat- corn- soy ) They are a meat eater. 
commercial pet food is over processed and tainted with toxins, which are used to preserve the food and to give it an attractive smell and taste. 
Not to mention what China adds to our dog foods.

 Start Slowly.
It is usually best to start with raw or cooked chicken because it is relatively bland and easy to digest ( no cooked chicken bones)  As your dog gets used to the chicken, you can gradually introduce new foods, one at a time, such as beef,  lamb or turkey. At first your dog may have loose stools but this will go away in a couple days.
There is a lot of information both pro and con on the Internet.  
B.A.R.F.  bones and raw food diet. 
I feed the raw bones to my large dogs not my small guys. This is because their jaws are not  strong enough to chew some of  the bones. These should be avoided -- chocolate, onions, macadamia nuts, garlic, avocados, mushrooms, grapes, raisins.

We start our puppies on Purina Puppy Chow. We have found it is digested the easiest of all the puppy food. We do not start the puppies on the raw meat diet until their bodies are ready to digest it  but we do give the yogurt everyday. 
After 3 to 6 months you can start younger  by just adding small amounts of raw meat everyday.

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